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Well...what strange times we are going through now...this virus has made such an impact on us all!

I think in the long term we will look back and see the positive changes that the world needed to happen for families and communities.

Especially Creatively

I have been toying with the idea of going 'online' for a while now, but it just hadn't happened for a few reasons least of all was time.

Over the past 2 years I have been on the road travelling to all sorts of remote places in Queensland and New South Wales, teaching and inspiring.

This didn't leave time available to achieve a lot when I was at home.

To be perfectly honest my time at home was mostly for restoration and painting!

When the virus arrived and we were asked to stay at home, all my excuses evaporated overnight!

So I can now announce that it is DONE!

In the next few days I will be launching the first 'SERIES' on my website.

This series is all about Painting and Drawing a Black Cockatoo!

There will be two 20-30 min videos you can purchase showing you step by step how to do both the drawing and the painting.

I talk and explain everything I am doing during these videos.

You can buy these separately or together at a discounted price.

You will also have access to 3 or 4 'talk on' Free videos where I explain about brushes canvases and paints.

I have actually completed 5 different SERIES so I will introduce these each week or so.

One last thing....I am going to offer a one- on- one Q and A skype session with me...where i answer any questions you may have with painting and drawing...or even inspiration!

There will be a calendar available where you can book and pay for your session.

Down the track I would like to set up a Mentoring Programme ...but one thing at a time!

I know that this programme will also be wonderful for children and I'm hoping that it will be used by the whole family!

All the lessons can also be done by children ages 5+

If you want to receive an email when the LAUNCH happens ...

with a link to purchase and receive your Black Cockatoo series then hit the SUBSCRIBE tab at the bottom of the page.

So stand by....

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