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I have started do Zoom Painting Sessions..and they are actually great FUN!

I completed one last night with Kids as well as a parent AND a grand parent was great to see 3 generations painting together... I also had a brother and sister team from Longreach in Outback Queensland!

I couldn't help but notice how the kids seem to handle this 'Zooming' like ducks to water...I'm still a little scared of the whole set up...but I'm learning...both how to use this new way of connecting...and how to teach with out actually being face to face with my students.

So I have decided to run my Zoom sessions over the weekends.

Friday night from 6-8 pm

Saturdays from 10-12 am

Sunday from 3-4 pm

I am offering a reduced rate for kids ....

*Children under 16 receive $15 OFF simply apply coupon 'Child $15 OFF'

For those that haven't yet attended one of my sessions....

This is what you need to do..

2. Tap on the day or session you would like to will then see what it is we will be painting...and the materials you need to have on hand.

3. If you are booking for kids you will see where you can apply a 'code' to get the reduced rate.

4. Once you log in to your session I will then take you step by step through the painting. I will also give you general tips and tricks to help you on your journey as an artist.

So check out these sessions and join me to have some fun and be creative!!


Until next time


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