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Out of the Dark Horse

Out of the Dark Horse

This was a fun painting.

I wanted to show a startled expression as through the horse suddenly had a bright light shine on him.

The dark background is made up of 3 different colours, a dark grey, a dark blue, and a very dark brown, so this dark colour has some  life in it.

This painting is a drawing as well, once the dark was painted onto the canvas, I used a damp rag to 'draw' the image of the horse by wiping away the paint to expose the white canvas beneath.

It's an interesting painting and a good size, and would look amazing on a dark wall.

  • Painting Information

    • Medium :  Acrylic on Canvas
    •  Size :  72.6 x 101.6 cm
    • Unframed and Ready to Hang
    • FREE Postage within Australia
    • Payment Plan Available
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